How to Choose the Right OAC Skinbased Hunting Ski
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How to Choose the Right OAC Skinbased Hunting Ski

Winter hunting enhances many of the elements we already love about days spent in the field. To reap the rewards though, one must also contend with additional challenges. Mainly, how to move efficiently across snow-covered terrain? Whether hunting small game like hares and grouse or going for bigger prey like moose or elk, winter hunting on skis has been part of the hunting tradition for thousands of years. While times have changed, the advantages of ski hunting are still as valid as they were millennia ago. 

Why Skinbased skis for winter hunting? 

Moving across snow with a full hunting kit, let alone packing out an animal, can be nearly impossible without some form of additional flotation. Snowmobiles are great for moving fast, but are loud, costly, and still cannot take you everywhere you will need to go. From an efficiency standpoint, skis beat snowshoes hands down. Instead of having to lift your foot up with every step, skis allow you to simply slide (and glide) over the snow with minimal effort.  

Skinbased skis are ideal hunting companions on flat to moderate terrain thanks to their short and wide profile. The wide underfoot platform gives you the float you need to stay on top of the snow, as well as create an extremely stable underfoot surface from which to take your shot. Their short length allows for easy navigation through dense forests. Combined with our EA 2.0 Universal binding, you can ski using nearly any flexible-soled winter hunting boot, not only saving money, but also increasing versatility.  

Those pre-historic hunters had another thing right about their winter hunting set up – the use of skins on the bottom of their skis. Every Skinbased ski has a climbing skin zone integrated into the bottom of it. This permanent, inset climbing skin generates grip for forward and uphill travel, all but eliminates backward slipping, and still allows for gliding on descents. Thus, there is never any need to stop and transition between up and downhill travel – simply ski where your senses lead you. 

Which OAC Skinbased ski model to choose: 

Three models, or half of the entire OAC Skinbased ski collection, is ideally suited to the rigors of ski hunting. With multiple models to choose from, you can choose the best match for the snow and terrain conditions you normally encounter. 

OAC Skinbased WAP 129: The widest, shortest, and most stable of our hunting skis, The WAP 129 was crafted to carry you through deep snows and tight forests. With its composite (non-metal) edges, the WAP is ideally suited to skiing with dogs, offering increased safety margins for their paws when moving side-by-side. 

OAC Skinbased KAR 149: The most versatile ski on our hunting line, the KAR 149 is ready to take you on all those winter hunts you’ve been planning, and even those you haven’t dreamed up yet! With geometry and features suited to handle a wide variety of terrain, the KAR is perfect for those who like to do it all. Its full metal edges and extended length help bring more support when skiing in firm conditions, while its camber and underfoot width ensure ease of travel in deep snow. 

OAC Skinbased XCD BC 160: Longer and with an extra stiff camber, the OAC Skinbased XCD BC 160 is well suited for life above the trees and in other exposed areas, where firm snow is most likely to be encountered. Its extended length means the XCD BC can cover long distances with ease, so you will have extra energy to hunt longer and go further. 

Whether tracking game deep in the backcountry or simply trying to access your local hunting grounds in wintry conditions, Skinbased skis give you the means to enjoy your passion even after the snow begins to fall. 

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