OAC Skinbased Skis for Military and Tactical Use
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OAC Skinbased Skis for Military and Tactical Use

OAC Skinbased MIL skis bring real, tactical advantages to those users operating in flat to moderate, snow-covered terrain. Unmatched in its versatility, the Skinbased Tactical System ensures quick transitions from ski to foot travel, allows for movement with or without use of ski poles, and comes in a highly adaptable, NIR-compliant package. Our collection features two ski models, each with their own specific advantages, which will be discussed in detail below. 

OAC Skinbased MIL 149 – Without question, the OAC Skinbased MIL 149 + EA 2.0 Universal Binding is the most versatile military-specific ski system out there. Its relatively short, wide profile is built for moving swiftly and silently through deep snow and navigating dense forests. Should firm-snow conditions be encountered, the MIL 149’s steel edges will provide control on descent. With a large climbing skin area, the MIL 149 provides a strong and reliable grip, ideal for travel with or without a sled. When facing a wide variety of snow conditions and terrain types, the MIL 149 will perform when it matters most.  

OAC Skinbased MIL 160 – The OAC Skinbased MIL 160’s longer and narrower profile provides more ski-like advantages to winter travel. Designed to better match the firmer snow conditions often found in open terrain and above tree line, the MIL 160 has been adapted to provide additional control on descents. For those missions where the target is far from the rendezvous point, the smaller climbing skin area and increased ski length of the MIL 160 makes for more efficient travel. With an extra stiff camber, the MIL 160 is ideally suited to those users carrying a full kit and/or pack.   

No matter which ski model you choose, the Skinbased Tactical System provides military and tactical operatives with the tools they need achieve mission success when it matters most. 

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