OAC Skinbased POH 100 + EA POH Universal Binding

OAC Skinbased POH 100 + EA POH Universal Binding

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The POH 100 was created to share the joys of winter with the youngest skiers of the family. As a go-everywhere snow trekker for children, the POH brings the same fun, Skinbased experience to young adventurers, without sacrificing any functionality or performance. Built for users between 5 to 10 years of age, the POH has many children-specific features such as a low-weight and composite edges, which improves safety for kids and their clothing.

Combined with our brand new EA POH Children's Universal Binding, that replaces the traditional ratchet buckle straps with durable polymer cinch straps for lightning-quick ons and offs, and you have a simple, versatile, and fun way for children to discover the outdoors.

The Details Matter

We are skiers, snow trekkers, and nature enthusiasts with our own passion for winter adventures. This leads us to obsess over every detail, to make our skis as good as they can possibly be. From our basecamp here in Finland, we manufacture our skis using only the finest materials and the perfect balance of cutting-edge technology and handcraftsmanship, setting them in a class of their own.

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Start the adventure off on the right foot! The EA JR Universal binding lets kids ski in nearly any winter shoe!

OAC Skinbased Skis

OAC Skinbased skis are perfect companions for winter trekking, fell skiing, snowshoe trails, rolling backcountry, and wherever your winter adventure takes you! Staying true to its roots, our latest ski line maintains its core principles while offering new designs, improved performance, and eye-catching graphics. Our collection includes both touring-oriented XCD skin skis and versatile trekking skis. All products are designed to offer you new possibilities in the backcountry.