The History of OAC Skinbased Skis

It all started in 2010, in the saddle room of our horse stable, where we built our first test lab for composite product manufacturing. Inspired by the beauty of our local landscape, we dreamed of creating skis that would bring unlimited access to wintery nature, allowing anyone to ski anywhere.

Guided by our passion for skiing and adventure, we soon began creating unique, functional products that allowed for seamless transitions across a wide variety of snowy terrain. From these early attempts Skinbased skis were born. ​

The ideology behind our Skinbased collection has always focused on ease of use and versatility. No matter whether you are a casual recreationalist, passionate backcountry skier, or professional user, with Skinbased skis everyone can experience winter’s charm.

Since the start of our journey, we have been committed to using high quality materials, components, and workmanship. This, along with a keen understanding of design, allows our products to combine many features that make skiing easy and fun. Skinbased skis open the door to a whole new discipline of skiing.

From the very beginning, we have made a commitment to keep the product development and manufacturing of Skinbased skis close to our homes, in Kangasala, Finland. We feel that it’s important to produce skis in an area where skis can be used – for what better way to test, create, and inspire new and exceptional products?

In 2020, because of our continued fulfillment of our promise, the Association for Finnish Work granted Skinbased's products the Key Flag label, denoting their “Made in Finland” status.

​Today, located just down the road from our favorite local powder stash, you can find OAC’s modern composite manufacturing center. While the idea was born amongst Finland’s snowy forest, the concept of Skinbased skiing is finding its place around the world.

Currently, our skis are sold all over Europe and North America, as well as parts of Asia. We continue to work hard on extending our distribution, so that we will be able to offer the joy of Skinbased skiing to all of you.