Skinbased Technology

Incorporated into each pair of Skinbased XCD skis and skishoes are the latest ski manufacturing technologies. Designed with functionality at the forefront, every feature has been selected to give you, the user, the highest quality product possible. Some of the technical features found in our products are:

Braid box construction: Our unique Braid box construction prevents the energy loss associated with traditional ski construction by encircling the ski, increasing efficiency by keeping energy where it belongs. Additionally, it increases the overall strength of the ski in all situations.

"RavenCore" Compression-resistant elastic foam core: Made of an extremely durable yet lightweight material, our elastic foam core is completely impervious to water. Unlike wooden cores, which can be prone to water damage, our elastic foam cores maintain their reliability season after season.

Patented OAC Unicoat base: Slick, strong, and requiring minimal maintenance, our Unicoat base was developed by our R&D team and is exclusively used on Skinbased products. Tough and easy to care for, the Unicoat base absorbs liquid and paste waxes only, so you can spend less time waxing, and more time skiing. PATENTED US 9,308,431 PATENTED EP 2898930

ABS base reinforcements: Seamlessly integrated into key, high-wear areas of the ski’s base, ABS reinforcements can be found on nearly every ski in our collection. Tip reinforcement protects the ski from unexpected hits against rocks and stumps that can occur during quick descents, while the tail reinforcement functions to protect the ski’s base during storage and transport.

Intergrated mohair-mix skin material: Comprising of 65% mohair and 35% nylon, we feature the same blended mohair-mix climbing skins on all Skinbased XDC skis and skishoes. By using a dual material climbing skin, we can achieve the ideal mix of grip, glide, and durability. The mohair fibers offer superior glide, especially in cold conditions, while the nylon improves the overall grip and provides unmatched, long-term durability.

Aluminum binding reinforcement: Brings additional strength to the binding mounting zone, greatly reducing the chances of binding pullout and minimizing damage if it does.

Steel edges: Our heavy-duty steel edges offer an increase in protection against accidental collisions with stones and stumps. They also bring superior edging capabilities and are critical for steeper descents in hardpack snow conditions.

Composite edges: Found on soft snow-oriented models, composite edges are not as sharp as the steel alternatives, giving increased safety margins, especially when in use around children and pets.