The OAC Skinbased Way

What would OAC Skinbased be without the pure wintery nature that we all love and appreciate? How would we create meaningful products that allow so many to access the pristine backcountry without our skilled and valued employees? As skiers, winter adventurers, and outdoors people who call the north our home, holding our social responsibility at the forefront of our business is more than a choice, it is a necessity.

ISO standards: From production to distribution, improving our environmental footprint requires an emphasis on efficiency and waste-reduction in all aspects of our business. Some of the many reasons we sought and received the ISO 9001:2015 standard was for the third-party analysis of our present systems, as well as the post-analysis training which focused on reducing waste in both our current and future operations.

Diverse work force: It is our differences, as much as our similarities, that make our OAC Skinbased team so resilient. OAC Skinbased is made up of a diverse group of people with many different ideas, dreams and backgrounds, all of which are valued and respected. Our team includes multiple first-generation immigrants, a group that is often underrepresented and discriminated against in other areas of the Finnish work force. We are proud that from top to bottom, our entire organization works side-by-side, under the same roof.

Produced in Finland: In defiance of the modern trend of overseas manufacturing, which often involves increased product transportation, harsh working conditions, and lower environmental regulations, we continue to honor our commitment to manufacturing in our home of Kanagala, Finland. In 2020, we received the Finnish Key Flag as a symbol of our dedication to this cause. Finland has both a strict set of environmental regulations and worker’s rights. Living where our production occurs and being members of the local community, we can ensure that these regulations are followed properly.

Created for, and where, the snow falls: Many of our skis are manufactured, delivered to a retailer, purchased by a customer, and skied in a local forest, all within our home city limits. There is a lot to be said for manufacturing a product in a location where it can be used. Not only does it decrease the transportation needs of an item, but also allows residents to experience the beautiful nature that surrounds them. No matter where you live though, if you have snow, OAC Skinbased products provide a unique and rewarding way to make the most of your nearby nature and encourage close-to-home adventures.